Trip to Switzerland

Trip to Switzerland
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Trip to Switzerland


Eric Olander President of EPI visits Riag in Switzerland




After a long absence from doing something I truly love, it was encouraging to finally get out of the office and travel. This excursion took me overseas to Switzerland, where I spent a few days visiting with our distributor/partner Riag Oberflachentechnik AG. For over 30 years Riag has been in the business of developing & producing chemicals for processes related to the treatment of metals and plastics. 

During the trip we discussed EPi’s new E-Brite 2.0 Ag process, which Riag has started to distribute for us. This second generation non-cyanide alkaline silver plating process is a break through in electroplating technology. We have also partnered with Riag to distribute their free of boric acid riag-ni 149, here in the United States. Riag-ni 149 is the next generation of sustainable nickel plating.

It was a pleasure to visit one of our overseas distributors and we look forward to our continued growth! 





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