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  1. Easy-to-use, two-component, single-dip trivalent blue chromate with high corrosion resistance. Ultra Blue produces the bluest passivation without the common yellowing problems of other passivations.  Meets all automotive and industrial standards, and no topcoat is needed. 

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  2. Insta-Blak A-385 is an aluminum-blackening process that can be used as both an immersion and a swab-on solution. It's an easy-to-use finish that requires no special equipment or procedures. One gallon of Insta-Blak A-385 can coat 150–250 sq. ft. of aluminum parts.

    Subtotal $35.00
  3. Insta-Blak 333 GEL is a slower-acting blackening process for steel and ferrous metals. This gel-based solution is ideal for simple swab-on vertical applications, touchups, and the user who prefers a slower blackening reaction. 

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