Cleaning of metals

All metals should be cleaned prior to plating or blackening to ensure optimum adhesion and maintain a superior appearance. EPi is proud to have established itself as a leader in the chemical-cleaner industry.

We provide metal-cleaning solutions that can be used on a variety of surfaces and with a variety of methods, including soak, immersion, electroclean, spray, and ultrasonics.

EPi's cleaning products are engineered to remove many types of dirt such as buffing compounds, water-base lubricants, straight oils, paraffin wax-oils, cutting fluids, machining lubricants, stamping oils, quench oils, and smutty steels. Our latest cleaning technology removes difficult-to-clean metalworking fluids and carbonaceous smut.

Have a specific cleaning problem? EPi can develop custom solutions for your particular cleaning challenges.

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  1. A mildly alkaline powdered mixture used as an electrolytic and soak cleaner.

  2. A concentrated liquid product formulated for heavy-duty electrocleaning and smut removal on steel and copper.

  3. A one-step liquid concentrate of acid, solvent, surfactants, and complexers that cleans, preps, conditions, and activates various kinds of metal surfaces.

    Subtotal $75.43
  4. Ready-to-use non-phosphated acid cleaner and brightener removes scale and stains on aluminum. Doesn't contain any phosphates, is low-foaming, and corrosive.

    Subtotal $16.57
  5. E-Kleen 156 is a ready-to-use phosphated acid aluminum cleaner and brightener. It's a concentrated product used to remove scale and stain on aluminum surfaces.

    Subtotal $18.48
  6. Smut remover and cleaner additive that removes carbon smut and hard-to-clean metalworking fluids. Results in excellent adhesion and brighter plated parts.

    Subtotal $35.00
  7. Mixture of surface active agents, immersion desmutters, detergents, and caustic that is free of residual cleaning solutions and achieves better adhesion.

    Subtotal $35.00
  8. A neutral, low-foaming, phosphated liquid soak cleaner that emulsifies oils and cleans water-soluble oils, petroleum, and animal fat buffing compounds.

    Subtotal $16.44
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