Copper plating is perfect for heat treat stop-off, electrical wires, aluminum castings, zinc castings, and decorative finishes as well as soldering. It is also frequently used as a base to additional plating processes on a variety of substrates.

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  1. An ideal solution for plating when minimum thickness specifications must be met in low current density. 

  2. E-Brite 30/30 is an easy-to-use, one-tank process that eliminates the need for cyanide or pyrophosphates. Optimal adhesion allows for plating directly onto a variety of metals.


  3. E-Brite Ultra Cu is an outstanding pre-plate copper strike for bright nickel, acid copper, tin, and solder plates.


  4. Leveling acid copper that smooths out rough surfaces for additional plating processes.


  5. Acid copper plating for gravure. Ductile deposits with consistent hardness.

  6. Acid copper for foils and sheets, batteries. Low film cover for all electronics and batteries. Ion batteries.

  7. E-Brite PC produces copper deposits that are low in stress and ductile when operated within the recommended brightener range and exhibit excellent brightness and throwing power in extreme low current density areas.

  8. Bright acid copper for high-speed plating of wire and grounding rods. Excellent bath stability produces bright, ductile deposits with low internal stress.

  9. Produces ductile and low-stress deposits over the entire recommended brightener range. Excellent throwing power in extreme low current density areas.

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