Acid Salts

Dry-powdered salts and liquid acid chemicals are specifically formulated for removing rust, scale oxides, stains, and smut from a variety of metal surfaces. Acid salts are also used to activate metal surfaces for further finishing.

Removing surface rust, heat treat scale, and oxides is a critical step in preparing a surface for blackening or any other metal-finishing process. EPi offers a wide variety of surface preps, activators, deoxidizers, derusters, and etchants to meet any plating needs.
Our line of dry-powdered and liquid products can remove rust, stains, and smut from a variety of metal surfaces. We offer a wide range of products for acid pickling, including dry acid pickling salts and mixtures. Our acid inhibitors can be used to control the activity of your acid-pickling bath and prevent attack on the base metal.

Frequently used to replace hazardous liquid mineral acids, acid salts are safe to handle, non-fuming, will not pickle the base metal, and require no special warehousing.