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  1. Mixture of surface active agents, immersion desmutters, detergents, and caustic that is free of residual cleaning solutions and achieves better adhesion.

    Subtotal $35.00
  2. Heavy-duty non-silicated, oil-emulsifying liquid soak cleaner to remove carbon smut from steel. Formula contains surfactants, detergents, and desmutters.

    Subtotal $35.00
  3. Liquid-emulsifiable alkaline soak cleaner that removes carbon smut from all metals.

    Subtotal $35.00
  4. Smut remover and cleaner additive that removes carbon smut and hard-to-clean metalworking fluids. Results in excellent adhesion and brighter plated parts.

    Subtotal $35.00
  5. Heavy-duty, non-silicated, oil splitting, high-caustic liquid soak cleaner to remove carbon smut.

  6. Emulsifiable smut remover with extra-acid base cleaning power.

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