EPi offers three types of zinc-plating processes that are suitable for rack or barrel plating. They all produce excellent ductility and adhesion and accept all kinds of passivation. Zinc-plated steel parts protect metal by electroplating a plate barrier that is a sacrificial anode if a plate is damaged.

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  1. Brightener for Mixed Ammonium/Potassium-Chloride Bright Acid Zinc Plating. 

  2. An ultra-bright zinc plating process with excellent distribution. High-to-low current densities ratio: 1.5–2.0–1.

  3. Produces brilliant, level, and ductile deposits, even on difficult substrates such as cast iron and heat-treated or carbon-nitrided steel.

  4. E-Brite 400 is a zinc plating process that works well in conventional and low-concentration baths.

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