Zinc, Iron and Manganese Phosphate

Iron, manganese, and zinc phosphate finishes provide extensive corrosion protection and prepare surfaces for a strong paint bond.

EPi's line of iron, manganese, and zinc phosphate finishes contains the ideal solutions for maximizing corrosion resistance and paint adhesion.

Manganese phosphate offers excellent break-in properties and corrosion resistance, while iron phosphate finishes provide underpaint corrosion resistance and stronger paint adhesion. Zinc phosphates offer superior corrosion resistance, thanks to pre-paint microcrystalline finishes.

EPi's phosphates have been used to finish boilers and air conditioners, construction materials, furniture and household appliances, license plates, road and traffic signs, and railings or fences.

Phosphate finishes are also used in the armed forces and aerospace industries as well as in industrial, decorative, architectural, and outdoor applications.