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  1. E-Brite Ultra Cu is an outstanding pre-plate copper strike for bright nickel, acid copper, tin, and solder plates.


  2. An ideal solution for plating when minimum thickness specifications must be met in low current density. 

  3. Brightener for Mixed Ammonium/Potassium-Chloride Bright Acid Zinc Plating. 

  4. Produces brilliant, level, and ductile deposits, even on difficult substrates such as cast iron and heat-treated or carbon-nitrided steel.

  5. An ultra-bright zinc plating process with excellent distribution. High-to-low current densities ratio: 1.5–2.0–1.

  6. E-Brite CR offers higher cathode current efficiencies and high operational current densities. Easy-to-use, stain-free, and provides exceptional covering power.

  7. E-Mist NF is Fluoride-Free Bio-degradable Mist Suppressant for Hex Chrome.

  8. A bright acid tin-plating process, which deposits a leveled, brilliant plate.

  9. Produces a soft white-to-gray matte finish.

  10. An extremely bright, single-additive decorative process that works in both rack and barrel installations and can also be used for heavy deposit applications.

  11. E-Brite 757 will produce bright ductile deposits which are free from laminations. It produces brilliant, white deposits of high clarity, reflectivity and depth. The deposit is active and can be chromium plated if specified. It can be used in barrel applications as well as cathode rod and air agitated rack installations. It is a single maintenance additive.

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