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  1. A dry-to-touch, hard-film, solvent-based lubricant and rust and corrosion inhibitor for ferrous and non-ferrous metals that produces 50 hours of salt spray resistance. Meets military spec for water displacement (Mil-C-16173D, Grade 3).

    Subtotal $35.00
  2. A neutral, low-foaming, phosphated liquid soak cleaner that emulsifies oils and cleans water-soluble oils, petroleum, and animal fat buffing compounds.

    Subtotal $16.44
  3. Heavy-duty non-silicated, oil-emulsifying liquid soak cleaner to remove carbon smut from steel. Formula contains surfactants, detergents, and desmutters.

    Subtotal $35.00
  4. A ready-to-use liquid neutral soak cleaner based on phosphates. Cleans water-soluble oils and petroleum and emulsifies oil and animal fat buffing compounds.

    Subtotal $16.44
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