Trivalent Passivation

EPi offers high-quality chromates and passivates for a variety of metals. Pass salt spray tests with aesthetically pleasing parts that have superior white/red corrosion resistance.

EPi has created two product lines for trivalent chromates that will help a variety of metal pass salt spray tests: E-Chrome Ultra and E-PASSivate.
E-Chrome Ultra is a high-quality line of corrosion-inhibiting chromates for zinc that produces exceptional colors, superior salt spray protection, and fade resistance.
E-PASSivate is the second generation of corrosion-resistant passivate finishes. These products create durable passivates for zinc, aluminum, and cadmium. The E-PASSivate Yellow-Red produces a hexavalent-like yellow color and offers extra corrosion protection without requiring a second topcoat.
EPi's environmentally friendly lines of trivalent yellow chromate and trivalent blue chromate processes meet many European Union initiatives.

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