Metal Preps

E-Preps are used for one of the most critical steps in the finishing process: preparing your metal parts for successful plating or blackening applications.

The E-Prep product line includes a variety of burnishing liquids, surface conditioners, activators, polishers, dips, zincates, and more for preparing your surface for plating.

EPi's products can be used in various types of equipment or processes and on a variety of metal types, including aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, and zinc diecast.

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  1. An easy-to-use black pre-dip that provides a rich black color treatment on steel.

  2. A liquid concentrate for burnishing all metals.

  3. A surface conditioner and activator used prior to room-temperature black oxide processes for steel.

  4. A universal liquid surface conditioner and activator for steel. Use prior to applying black oxide and rust-patina finishes for steel and cast iron surfaces.

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  5. An easy-to-handle non-cyanide based liquid zincate for aluminum and its alloys.

  6. A liquid-concentrate deoxidizer and smut remover for aluminum.

  7. A granular blend that produces an etched satin finish on aluminum.

  8. A powdered deruster that removes rust and oxidation from all ferrous metals.

  9. A liquid acid concentrate used for rust and scale remover from steel and stainless steel.

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