Easy-to-control silver is used for its outstanding conductivity, hardness, and lubricant properties. Silver plating with our non-cyanide, single-additive process eliminates hazardous cyanide and its associated costs.

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  1. E-Brite 2.0 Ag is a new EPi break-through electroplating technology, which can plate non cyanide silver directly on nickel surfaces (meeting all three types of ASTM B-700 and spec AMS 2411J), as well as plate directly on silver, brass, bronze and copper and does not require a separate silver strike on these substrates. 

  2. Second Generation Non-Cyanide Alkaline Silver Plating Process. A ready-to-plate cyanide-free silver-plating process. Single maintenance additive perfect for bright silver plate for brush, electronic, industrial and decorative applications.

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  3. E-Brite 50/50 is a unique cyanide-free alkaline process that's perfect for functional electronics.

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