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    NEW from EPi: E-TEC 555!!

    Meet EPi's newest top-of-the-line rust preventative:

    E-Tec 555!

    A dual-purpose, non-chromated, boric-acid-based sealer for Ultra-Blak 400 and Kool Blak 225 that takes quality rust prevention to the next level! Our E-Tec 555 is easy to use and comes packed with benefits:

    • Passes the oxalic acid test for the ASTM standard,
    • Has 1368 hours of resistance in the humidity chamber,
    • Is chrome free, eliminating costly disposal problems!


    Easily meet your Mil Specs with E-Tec 555 while significantly improving corrosion resistance of our other E-Tec products, and even eliminating costly disposal problems thanks to its chrome-free chemistry!

    Kool Blak 225 Image

    Call us today at 262-786-9330 and try an 8oz sample!

    See the difference our E-Tec 555 can do for your project!

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    EPi's New E-Commerce Platform is now Available on Smart Phones such as iPhone and Android

    EPi is excited to announce its new e-commerce platform is now available on smart phones such as iPhone and Androids.

    EPi's e-commerce site is Save this web address on the favorite section of your phone. We are working towards having more information available on the e-commerce site such as technical data sheets and material safety data sheets. EPi is making it easier to do business!  SIMPLY SUPERIOR!