EPi Meets the Standard!

EPi Meets the Standard!


EPi meets the standard of the Living Building Challenge Red List: An international sustainable building certification program.

The Living Building Challenge promotes the measurement of sustainability in the building environment.

Insta-Blak 333, Insta-Blak 333 GEL, Insta-Blak 335, Insta-Blak SS-370, Insta-Blak SS-370 GEL, B/Ox 311, B/Ox 311GEL, B/Ox 312, B/Ox 313, B/Ox 314, B/Ox 315 meet the requirement of having no components on the Red List (see below). 

We have many products that adhere to meeting the Red List guidelines of avoiding chemicals that pose serious risk to our ecosystem and human health.   

Toxic Products and Materials Red List Image


We are proud to have products that aide to the protection of our environment and promote a more sustainable future! 




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