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  1. Similar in action to 312 but slower acting while producing warmer and richer brown tones of varying intensity to include deep walnut browns on brass and bronze.

    Subtotal $67.26
  2. A liquid concentrate that produces light brown, brown, and chocolate-brown colors with golden tones. Varying the concentration and length of immersion produces a range of colors.

    Subtotal $80.00
  3. Liquid concentrate used at room temperature as an oxidizing solution on pewter, tin, and lead. Control blackening depth by varying concentration and immersion time.

    Subtotal $93.13
  4. Leveling acid copper that smooths out rough surfaces for additional plating processes.


  5. An ideal solution for plating when minimum thickness specifications must be met in low current density. 

  6. Semi-bright, sulfur-free process for duplex nickel plating. Produces less breakdown product, resulting in less carbon and low electro-negative potential.

  7. E-Brite 757 will produce bright ductile deposits which are free from laminations. It produces brilliant, white deposits of high clarity, reflectivity and depth. The deposit is active and can be chromium plated if specified. It can be used in barrel applications as well as cathode rod and air agitated rack installations. It is a single maintenance additive.

  8. An extremely bright, single-additive decorative process that works in both rack and barrel installations and can also be used for heavy deposit applications.

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