E-Laq 525

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A water-resistant, hard (2H–3H pencil hardness), and clear acrylic lacquer finish for coating metal or blackened surfaces.

A milky-appearing, ready-to-use liquid that allows the user to gauge coverage and film depth as part is coated. Produces depth and clarity while remaining environmentally friendly and non-flammable. Dries to the touch in 6 minutes and is ready to pack in 12 hours. Air-cure water-based lacquer that, when baked at 250° F, achieves 3H pencil hardness. Up to 400 hours of salt spray resistance.

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There is a small fee for samples shipped in the continental U.S. This can range from $10–$75. Products shipped outside the continental U.S. can be subject to certain restrictions. Freight charges may range from $75–$300.