Whether sealing and enhancing a finish, inhibiting corrosion, or simply preventing rust/oxidation is the goal, EPi has the products to finish a project at a high quality.

EPi’s line of rust preventatives is designed to seal and enhance the Insta-Blak, B/Ox, and Ultra-Blak chemical-blackening processes. Any unfinished ferrous metal, black oxide, or phosphate finish should be completed with a rust preventer and sealant topcoat to ward off rust and corrosion.

When considering the right rust preventative for a project, there are a few factors to consider, including the number of hours of salt-spray testing a workpiece needs to resist. In addition, factor in environmental conditions (such as humidity or heat), whether a solvent-based or water-based formula is required, the film type (slightly oily, very slightly oily, or dry to the touch), and water displacement.