Antiquing/ Oxidizing/ Patina

Antiquing/ Oxidizing/ Patina

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Antiquing, oxidizing, and patining are processes that chemically "age" or "weather" metal, resulting in a variety of colors, finishes, and effects.

Chemically alter the appearance of metals—including jewelry, sculptures, and small items such as keys or hardware—to produce aging or weathering effects. EPi's complete line of antiquing and oxidizing products provides a range of finishes for any job.

Depending on the type of metal, these antiquing and oxidizing processes can result in rusty brown-greens and brown-oranges for architectural projects, a range of browns and blacks that result in a weathered look on jewelry or decorative metals, or pleasing blues and purples that produce an aged look on silver pieces.

EPi's room-temperature oxidizers and antiquing chemicals are suitable for brass, bronze, copper, pewter, tin, silver, and nickel. Varying the concentration and length of immersion results in different colors and finishes.

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