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  1. Provided as an emulsion concentrate that, when diluted, can result in varying film thicknesses, dry times, and coverage. The resulting emulsion is known in the metal-finishing industry to last longer because of an extremely stable emulsion formulation in black oxide and phosphate applications. Contains no VOCs like water-displacing oils.

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  2. A mildly acidic dry-salt mixture for use as an etchant and deoxidizer for copper.

  3. A powdered deruster that removes rust and oxidation from all ferrous metals.

  4. A liquid acid concentrate used for rust and scale remover from steel and stainless steel.

  5. A granular blend that produces an etched satin finish on aluminum.

  6. A mildly alkaline powdered mixture used as an electrolytic and soak cleaner.

  7. Heavy-duty, strong alkaline, highly conductive electrolytic cleaner for steel and copper.

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