Bright dips are used to give metals bright, lustrous finishes. EPi's stabilized peroxide bright-dip processes help prevent re-tarnishing of brass, leaded brass, and copper after brightening. 

The E-Prep product line includes bright-dip bath additives designed to enhance this brightening process as well as the passivation process for stainless steel and other nickel-bearing alloys. Either a matte or a relatively bright finish can be achieved with the stainless steel bright dip 2B finish.

The first step is cleaning the metal item for approximately five minutes and rinsing it for up to one minute. A quick bright-dip process followed by a rinse, deoxidization, and a final rinse will result in a bright, bold, and eye-pleasing finish on metal parts. View the EPi Spotlight: Bright Dipping video for a preview of the brightening process.