What is the Status of the US Manufacturing Economy? It Seems that Nobody is Purchasing Machine Tools

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 I received my Manufacturing & Technology (www.manufacturingnews.com) update for October 9th, 2009 and it shows that companies are not making new parts for various industries. In fact, to quote the article, it states, "We are at "depression-level" for the machine tool industry."

While economists state the worst recession in recent memory is over some parts of the economy will take longer to recover because of where they are in the pipeline of manufacturing. It could take up to six to twelve months before some companies start to feel the new growth. An indicator of the manufacturing business climate is machine tools sales. I am not sure if manufacturing will achieve the high levels we achieved prior to the recession. I feel that until the easy money (available credit) days return we will not experience that high level again.

To read more specific details on the article including a graph view this link. (Source US Technology Consumption Report www.usmtc.com)