"We're Using the Black Oxide and it's Much Better Than What We've Been Using in the Past." New EPi Ultra Blak 400 Hot Black Oxide User

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One of EPi's new customers, Matt from Alabama, recently switched to Ultra Blak 400 and completed a new customer survey. Which found the Ultra Blak 400 process to be the premium grade black oxide finishing. 

Ultra Blak 400 is based on sodium hydroxide, oxidizers, penetrants, catalysts, activator, rectifiers, and wetting agents.

EPi's is the only company to offer three types of smut-free black oxide processes: Ultra Blak 400 hot black oxide process, Kool Blak 225 mid temperature black oxide, and Insta Blak 333 room temperature process.

Send six parts with the PARTS SUBMISSION FORM to EPi's lab to develop a custom black oxide process that will exceed your black oxide needs and expectations!