Washington DC Forum 2011 Eric Olander Visits Congressman Tom Petri

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Congressman Petri and Eric Olander President of EPi  discuss manufacturing issues.

On April 16th, 2011, I visited Capitol Hill to discuss issues concerning manufacturing and metal finishing industry. We learned an interesting fact that the state of Wisconsin has the largest manufacturing based on per capita in the USA? ( sorry can't remember the exact criteria) and that congressman Petri's district contains the largest amount of manufacturing in the USA (based on the same criteria that I could not remember). Congressman Petri supports manufacturing and we thank him for taking the the time to listen to us!
Chris Wagner- Kolher Co, Congressman Petri, and Eric and Jeanie Olander- EPi 
Chris Wagner from Kohler Co. made visits with Eric to all the offices. It was interesting to have EPi and Kohler work The Hill together as EPi supplies Kohler with cleaning products. In fact, EPi custom formulates the cleaners Kohler uses today!
Matt Bisenius Legislative Assistant, Congressman Sensenbrenner and Eric Olander
If I remember correctly this has been my thirteenth trip to Capitol Hill including being there on September 11th, 2001. We continue to go to develop relationships with the congressional offices so when we have a challenge they know us and they are there to help! Congressman Sesenbrenner is congressman for EPi. When we visit The Hill most of our appointments are with the congressional aides, as there are many meetings and votes going on. In fact Congressman Petri had to leave for a vote on the floor right after our visit. The reason why we go to The Hill is to keep our relationships with the congressional offices so they know who we are and what our challenges in business we face today!