Video of Stan Olander's Model Railroad Layout and Illinois Railway Museum Building Fund Update for Stan's Layout

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Dave Rickaby created a video (Click Here) during the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) National Convention tours in Milwaukee June 2010, this was about 4-6 weeks before my father Stan passed away in August.

In this video, you will see my mother Lavon greeting the visitors asking where they are from some say Virginia and South Carolina. You will notice a long line of people waiting to get in to see the layout.  You will also hear in the background Stan's friends discussing the layout details. You will see the people's faces smiling and admiring Stan's legacy HO model railroad Cornbelt Northern.

Before my mom sold the house the railroad was cut up and shipped down to the Illinois Railway Museum (IRM) in Union Illinois about 30 miles east of Rockford. The IRM is raising money to create a new building that will house Stan's layout so his love for model railroading will live on. LEARN MORE on the status of the building for Stan's layout and also for pictures of Stan's layout under construction.


Rick thank you for your video you created!