USGA 2017; Wednesday Highlights

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I spent some time today with Doug Benshoter and Dave Hintz. Doug is an All-American wrestler from University of Iowa and also a Big Ten football player--he's the type of guy you don't want to mess with, but also laid back and a great guy to hang out with!

Play was suspended for a little while, and the marshals spent time in the tents waiting out the rain. There were dark clouds overhead and we could see streaks of lightning off in the distance, but the weather made for some great photos. 


The highlight of the day for sure was when reigning US Open Champion, Dustin Johnson, came through just before 6pm.

Dustin hit his drive leftward, right over a course marshal. The ball went right over his head, past a huge sand bunker complex, hit the rough, then bounced into the fairway for the longest drive of the week!

He approached the marshal to ask where his ball was, but he hadn't been able to see it because of how it flew. But I, across the fairway, had been able to watch where it landed, so as Dustin started searching deep in the tall fescue I jogged over. "It's over here," I said, pointing back toward it. Dustin walked over with a big smile, and thanked me.

What an experience! 




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