USGA 2017: Tuesday Highlights

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Our second day of the 2017 USGA has started with rain. I've been keeping an eye on my radar, and in fact the bus we carpooled on had to park at Washington County Fairgrounds because the regular volunteer lots were closed off due to the rain. For a while in the morning I thought it might turn into a rain-out but the golfing managed to start around 8am. I didn't have to start marshaling until 12:30, though, so I had some time to take in the wonderful morning air and scenery. 


I'm very glad we didn't get rained out, we were able to have 9 full hours today and it was a lot of fun. Interestingly, a group of marshals left without notice today. I received a call through my headphones that all the other marshals of Hole #3 had left, and I was on the tee box. They had thought they were done for the day, and left without asking. What started with 13 marshals ended with only 6--and those who left didn't come back later, either. USGA said they could lose their open credentials. 


Despite the mutiny we had, today was still a good day filled with the wonderful sport of golf and wonderful people! 







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