Trip to India - Basilica of Bom Jesus

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While visiting our India distributors, Plating Products Inc, we stopped in Goa to view the historic and gorgeous baroque church: The Basilica of Bom Jesus. This church is the resting place for Saint Xavier. Francis Xavier died while journeying to China, and his body was originally sent to Malacca in Portugal, but brought back to Goa two years later. The amazing part of his story is that his bodily remains haven't decomposed, still looking like the day he was buried! As you can imagine, there were many tourists here to view the body. Saint Xavier is also said to have powers of healing. 

What a gorgeous sight to see, and an incredible story behind the Saint Xavier as well. It was humbling to be inside those walls. Read more about the Basilica here!

"What does it profit a man," Ignatius had asked Francis, "if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?" (Basilica of Bom Jesus)