Sustainability Summit & EPi

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The Midwest Sustainability Summit is a gathering of stakeholders to exchange information and engage in discussions regarding all manner of green business and sustainability topics.
This year, EPi was delighted to be able to help sponsor the summit and attend their enlightening tables!
Among the presenters was Guy D. Gruters, an F-100 Fighter pilot who spoke on his 5 years and 3 months spent as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam. His stories were inspiring, harrowing, and framed to emphasize the themes of forgiveness and teamwork. Thank you Mr. Gruters for your service, and your stirring speech!
Also in attendance was Frank Altmayer, an Illinois Institute of Technology graduate with a BA in Chemical Engineering and a MA in Metallurgy. His 35+ years experience in the surface finishing industry came to shine during his presentation, where he spoke on an expansive range of topics including electroplating, waste water treatment, and his courses on metal plating. He is passionate and a true master of the subject matter, and was a great benefit to the summit presentations!
We at EPi have also taken strides to ensure our chemicals are as environmentally safe as possible. A 2017 news article from Minnesota highlighted the new laws in place that limit the amounts of PFOA (perfluoro-octanoic acid) and PFOS (perfluoro-octanesulfonic acid) in Washington County well water. The new limits are purposefully lower than what has been proven to cause harm to humans and fetuses, showing how seriously these chemicals are being regarded.
PFOA/PFOS mist suppressants were used extensively in chrome plating and anodizing mist suppressants, in the past, and EPi has overcome these dangerous and toxic chemicals with the introduction of our new E-Mist NF! This flouride-free, bio-degradable mist suppressant uses halogen-free chemistry that develops a dense foam layer and significantly reduces fuming and misting.
Email us at to learn more about E-Mist NF!
EPi has always strived for sustainability, and we were honored to be able to sponsor and attend the 2018 Midwest Regional Sustainability Summit to learn more about how we can be mindful of the environment, and to talk with knowledgeable representatives on sustainability.