SF China 2016 Guangzhou and Eric Olander gets to golf at Firestone CC

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By Eric Olander

 Can you believe it? I golfed at Firestone CC in Shenzhen, China with Mr. Dai from Jadechem. It was a great day and on a great course.

Nice view from this hole as you can see the city Shenzhen from this tee. Interesting fact this golf course was located by the high speed train line. Any comments on my golf swing? I am having lots of swing troubles right now lost a few balls in China,

The next day we went to SF China  2016 trade show. It amazes me on how big this show is 10,000's of people and the hustle and bustle compared to my first SF China in 2003 it is a lot bigger today. It takes about 15-30 minutes to get in and go through security. The line to get into SF China must be 500-800 people. I find it amazing how international this show has become. People from Europe,India, Asia, Americas, and Australia all come to this show. It reminds me how Sur/Fin use to be in the USA as it was the show for surface finishing. It is exciting to go to this show ,but it is also bittersweet because the USA use to be the place for manufacturing. See above  Jadechem's booth from a Linked in post..