Rick Dale's Tip on What Type of Electroplating was Utilized in the 1930's

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Some of you are aware Rick Dale from Rick's Restoration was in our booth at Sur/Fin 2012 in Las Vegas, NV. 

Any of you watching his show on the History Channel? This new season has been great. I have been learning new technical ideas with every new episode. Rick discusses re-finishing old plated finishes stating this should be blued (black oxide), nickel plated, zinc plated, and chrome plated. Rick typically has part of the show dedicated for Rick's tips. During the American Restoration episode "Prank War"  Rick asked the viewers following question.

What type of plating was used a final finish in the 1930's?

1) Nickel

2) Chrome

3) Zinc

4) Copper


If you watch the "Prank War" episode at the 18:00 minute mark you will see the answer. CLICK HERE TO GO TO PRANK  WAR episode

I was surprised by the answer and what I learned!