Recap of USGA 2017

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Attending the USGA as a course marshal was a fantastic experience and I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to give back to the sport of golf and spend a few days with a great group of people. Erin Hills is strikingly beautiful and even though there were some moments of gray weather and heavy rain, it was still refreshing to be out in such breathtaking scenery. Getting rained out was a bit of a bummer, but I managed to get some great photos of the looming clouds before the storm reached us. 


At the end of everything, we were all tired but still exhilarated. It was like a three-day football practice! The activity app I had on at all times says I walked 33.7 miles over this week--I could have walked from my house all the way to Erin Hills and still had a few miles left over! The walking totaled 89,625 steps and was equivalent to a full 158 flights of stairs! I loved the experience but it's definitely relaxing to be back home again. 


 Watching Dustin Johnson play was a huge highlight of the event for me. I was glad to be able to help while we were out on the field together, when he couldn't find his ball after the longest drive of the week! It was quite  the sight. 


The other course marshals and I had really gotten into a great rotation system and everyone enjoyed working with each other. It seemed that those yellow paddles were pretty popular as everyone wanted to paddle the drive, showing which direction the hits went.


Would I do this again? Yes, without a doubt; I enjoyed giving back to the game of golf and meeting people from all over the world!




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