Passivate with Flying Colors

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EPi has been developing new products that offer superior passivation in addition to brilliant colors.

E-PASSivate is EPi's finest innovation in trivalent iridescent chromates. The picture above is a zinc plated steel ring that has been passivated with E-PASSivate Yellow Red... what a lucky steel ring! Now it's highly resistant to corrosion and can withstand 200-250 hours of salt spray to white rust per ASTM B-117.

E-PASSivate is the ideal product for meeting automotive and industry standards in passivation. It is easy to control, extremely effective against white rust and corrosion, and produces a beautiful yellow- red finished unmatched by any other trivalent chromate.

If you're interested in E-PASSivate Yellow-Red FOLLOW THIS LINK to the EPi website.