Part 4 Digital Cell App Troubleshooting Guide for Copper, Nickel and Zinc Plating Processes

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The fourth feature of EPi's Digital App is the convenient troubleshooting guide. The troubleshooting guide includes images of Hull Cell panels along with various types of contamination and what EPi recommends for fixing the troubled electroplating solution. For more information, click on the plating info icon. 


Click on troubleshooting.


Let's say you are running an alkaline non cyanide copper bath E-Brite Ultra Cu. You would then click on alkaline non cyanide copper. Note, you can email the troubleshooting guide to your friends using the email template we set up. See the envelope on the upper right hand corner pictured below?


As you can see there's an unsightly copper plated Hull Cell panel with copper peeling. EPi's Digital App contains suggestions on how to fix the problem. Now, you have four great reasons why to purchase EPI's Digital App for only $0.99!