Part 3 EPi's Digital Cell App Includes a list of Hull Cell Parameters Amperage, Time, Agitation, Cathode and Anode Material for Rack and Barrel Hull Cells

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In order for your Hull Cell to run correctly, you need to know the Hull Cell parameters for the chemistry you wish to troubleshoot.

If you had a Hull Cell ruler, typically this would be found on the back of the ruler. Unfortunately, we can't do this directly on our ruler, but we have developed a separate file of information on the app under Plating Info icon.


Click on Hull Cell Parameters.


Search for the type of plating you are looking for and then click on it. For example, if you're looking for cyanide copper plating. See below for the Hull Cell parameters.


This lists all the variables for running a Hull Cell, including what quality of materials for the anode and the cathode (Hull Cell panel). Now, you have three reasons why to purchase EPI's Digital Cell App!