Part 2 EPi's Digital Cell App Utilizes your Mobile Device Camera to take Pictures of your Hull Cells/Parts and Share the Pictures!

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We continue breaking down the features of EPi's Digital Cell App for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices.

One of the unique features of EPI's App is taking pictures of Hull Cell panel/parts and saving that image on your mobile device. You can immediately email the image to share the results of the Hull Cell panel throughout your organization.

The camera icon opens the following four commands for the mobile device:

1) View Plating Images button these are existing photos

2) Add images button this is how you take a photo and open your camera in the Digital Cell App

3) Delete images button is self-explanatory

4) Email template button. This has nothing to do with taking pictures, but is used to send a copy of one of EPi's troubleshooting guides. We will explain this more in depth in the next blog.


After taking the picture you can record Hull Cell parameters in white or black color. You can record the amperage, temperature, tank, time, notes and the date/time automatically populates.  The envelope icon on the upper right hand side will email the selected image. See the example below.


 Now you have two great reasons why to purchase EPi's Digital Cell App with two more to go! Stay tune!