New Product! E-Kleen SR

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EPi has recently developed a new cleaning additive called E-Kleen SR.

E-Kleen SR is a smut removing cleaner that helps users achieve brighter finishes and eliminate cleaning rejects altogether! Cleaning parts with E-Kleen SR also increases the adhesion through the plating process, extending the life of your parts, and giving them a quality look and feel. E-Kleen SR removes carbon smut, baked on oil or grease, water soluble compounds, and stamping/cutting oils.

E-Kleen SR is the most comprehensive cleaner on the market. It is powerful, it can remove a variety of frustrating compounds for a variety of metals, and can give you the confidence to finish your projects the first time. These are just a few more reasons why E-Kleen SR is simply superior.

EPi has a comprehensive product line that incorporates E-Kleen SR. To learn more about the EPi's cleaners with E-Kleen SR, GO HERE