New E-Kleen SR 1020 Electrocleaning Technology Saves Labor Costs, Improves Productivity, and Results in Cleaner Parts

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EPi is very excited about its latest development from the lab in electrocleaning technology, E-Kleen SR 1020.

Electrocleaning is utilized to remove carbon smut from steels, difficult to clean greases/oils and scale. Traditionally, the workhorse electrocleaners contained gluconates as the cleaning/desmutting agent. The challenge of utilizing gluconate is waste treatment. To break the metal-gluconate complex a calcium salt such as calcium chloride or lime must be used generating a larger volume of sludge. Waste treating E-Kleen SR 1020 does not require a calcium salt.


E-Kleen SR 1020 part on top versus standard electrocleaner part on bottom

The biggest advantage of the E-Kleen SR 1020 is that it's the best cleaning electrocleaner available on the market today. E-Kleen SR 1020 results in a cleaner surface resulting in a brighter part and improved adhesion to the base metal. Recently EPi had a customer switch to E-Kleen SR 1020 for plating steel castings and cast iron they would have to manually sand blast to clean the part. Now, they electroclean the part for 3 minutes in E-Kleen SR 1020 achieving the results they do with sand blasting. In the end, they save money with less labor costs and improved productivity.

EPi offers three variations of the electrocleaner additive:

E-Kleen SR 1020  Electrocleaner additive

E-Kleen SR 1021 Electrocleaner additive plus silicate that eliminates electrocleaning burning

E-Kleen SR 1022 Electrocleaner additive,silicate, and EDTA for longer bath life.