NASF Sur/Fin 2010 Grand Rapids, MI is a Great Success for EPi

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Sorry for the delay in not writing a blog, but my father Stan has had some health challenges.

Sur/Fin 2010 was a great success as we visited potential new customers and existing ones on new processes. It seems that alkaline non cyanide copper was one of them more popular topics. The  discussion included heat treat stop off applications which the E-Brite 30/30 leads the way as it is Boeing approved, BAC 5722, for commercial and defense applications. Another application was replacing cyanide copper being used in a strip application plus a barrel application on steel.

Mark Kulas, EPi chemist from our lab, demonstrated our latest Insta Blak 333 GEL for steel and iron and B/Ox 311 GEL for copper and copper alloys. We are shooting a video and will be posting soon. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Insta Blak 333 had some considerable interest as well as people were looking at bringing parts in house that they were sending out for hot black oxide.

I won the Munning Award from the NASF on my work as the Sur/Fin committee chair person. I will be serving as Past Chair for the next two years. The Munning Award is given to a supplier has demonstrated leadership and volunteerism for the NASF. I am working on a picture for you to see.







From the left John Cheng, Eric Olander, Char Heinke, Mark Kulas, Tom Axon and Paul Kozdron