Michael Hineman Restores 1945 WWII M1 Garand with Insta Blak 333 GEL

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One of EPi's new customers utilizing  Insta Blak 333  GEL room temperature blackening process was searching high quality blackening process that will meet his high quality standards.

Michael stated, "I literally tried every cold blue product on the market and am blown away by how well your's does. Most do not blacken enough, are extremely splotchy or cause too much rust on small parts. I have attached a before and after picture of the results I achieved." 

Here is a before picture of the famous M1 Garand.

Look at Michael's outstanding attention to detail and craftmanship in the restored M1 below!

Here's a close up of the restored M1.

Look at the left hand side of the wooden gun stock you can see initials engraved. 

 Please read Michael Hineman's quote of the what the initials mean below:

"This gun in a 1945 WW2 M1 Garand. The sight is the only piece that is post 1945. This particular M1 Garand is special in that it has the cartouche "OGEK" stamped on the side. In my research, I found that the "OG" was from the Ogden Arsenal in Utah. They performed rebuilds of small arms that were needed before sending them back out during WW2. The "EK" was for the name of the inspector, which happened to be Elmer Keith (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elmer_Keith), who was employed at the arsenal during a 3 year time frame that ended sometime in late 1945. To my knowledge, I have not seen another with his stamp of approval. To me, this is proof that the stock is also from at least 1945. So EPi is now a part of history or at least preserving a part of history."

Wow, what a once in a life time historic story! Thank you Michael Hineman for making this happen and using Insta Blak 333 GELInsta Blak 333 GEL formula allows the black oxide to work in the blackening process resulting in an uniform rich black finish!