Japanese Distributor Visits EPi to Learn about Black Oxide Processes for Steel and Stainless Steel

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Last week Kenji Nakayashiki Deputy Manager Marketing Division of Audec Co. Ltd  came to meet Eric Olander President of EPi to learn about black oxide processes for steel and black oxide.

Kenji learned about room temperature blackening Insta Blak 333 and Ultra Blak 400 premium grade hot black oxide process. The Ultra Blak 400 process blackened a wide range of steel alloys and Kenji said it does not fume like the local formulations. A demonstration on blackening stainless steel with Ultra Blak 407 with no hexavalent chrome was conducted as well. EPi is in the process of developing a new black oxide for stainless steel without chrome and molybdenum in the lab right now.

Audec has been distributing EPi black oxide chemistry for over 12 years now. We are excited about growing our business in Japan.