Insta Blak A384 Helped from Scrapping Expensive Anodized Parts and Touch-Up for Black Paint Ball Guns

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An EPi customer who recently tried EPi's Insta-Blak A384 room temperature blackener for aluminum informed us,  "The product works okay for what we need. Our need was to re-anodize sections of parts where machining was necessary after the initial anodizing. We obviously can't match that quality but your product helped us from scrapping some expensive parts."

Insta Blak A-384 also works as well blackening aluminum engraved letters as it reacts quickly with the engraved aluminum.

Do you have a black paint ball gun? They are typically black anodized and in the heat of the battle the anodized finished gets scratched. Insta Blak A384 works well for touching up scratches on black paint ball guns.