Insta Blak 333 Blackening Process Replaced Powder Coating for Race Car Birdcage part for CPT Racing MFG

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Below is a picture of a part from Chris Comptom of CPT Racing MFG, who uses Insta Blak 333 to blacken his birdcage suspension parts used in race cars see the picture below!



Read Chris's story below!

Well thank you so much. This is a new part I recently make and is my 2016 Model. I will get a order together for you very soon. You can use the picture and CPT Racing MFG in anything you like!!!

Here is a little history.

I have been racing for many years, my father has a business that manufactures large machinery and a little bit of race car stuff. I grew up around the business. We made a few items for racing that we wanted special so we started to make some of our own simple parts.

A few years ago, I wanted to try to make my own Birdcage - The picture I sent you. (picture above) And I started doing this on my own. As this developed so did other products. See web page - The picture I sent you is a suspension piece that is for a Floater Rear end suspension. Mostly used in Dirt Track Racing, IMCA and or UMP and other sanctioned bodies of racing. Mostly Dirt Modified Type of Cars. See attached photo of my car.


Now I am getting a lot of response and I am selling a small amount of product with a large potential. I have been powder coating my own products and I was trying to find a better, cheaper and faster way to finish the product rather than powder coating them I searched on line and I was doing some nickel plating, and then I found you guys online when searching for nickel plating companies and process. Larry was a great help when I called.

I am going to completely stop powder coating the product and use your product exclusively. It is faster, easier and I think looks better than powder coating. I am very excited. Your people were great too when I called for help and what product I should use.

As of now, I am a small OEM and price is very competitive in this market. And tough for me since I am the small and new guy on the block. I will most likely be betting 5 gallon bucket of the E-Tec 503 and the Insta Blak 333. I also did learn that it is really needed to clean the parts with the cleaner like you recommend. Makes a way better finish and deeper black. Some of my parts were machined and the oil was really deep in the parts and the cleaner got rid of the oil. So I am going to make a small run type of dipping station for all of my products. Most all of my parts can fit in the 5 gallon bucket so it will be easy. Ones that do not I have a flat tray I can use. Thanks again and I am very excited that I found your product. I would recommend this to anyone.

Chris Compton
CPT Racing MFG