Hot Black Oxide Just Got Kooler

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EPi just recently developed a new black oxide solution called Kool Blak.

Kool-Blak is classified as a mid-temperature black oxide and it represents an impressive innovation in the world of black oxide. Kool-Blak blackens at a temperature of 220-245 degrees as opposed to hot black oxide that operates above boiling point (285 degrees). This means that Kool-Blak requires no boiling making it safer for the machine operators to use and provides considerable energy cost savings.

Another amazing attribute of Kool-Blak is its ability to blacken 100% smut free. This makes it easier for job shops, OEM manufacturers, and "do-it-yourselfers" to blacken with confidence. Kool-Blak is the newest of EPi's line of black oxide products, joining Ultra-Blak and Insta-Blak. These three hot, mid, and room temp black oxides are just a few more examples of how EPi is simply superior.

To learn more about Kool-Blak GO HERE to EPi's mid temp Black Oxide page.


Watch the Youtube video on using Kool-Blak HERE