History of Electrochemical Products, Inc. (EPi)

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Welcome to our new blog.  Just so you know a little about our company,  EPI was founded in 1954 and is family-owned. We are located in New Berlin, which is 13 miles west of Milwaukee in Wisconsin.  We're about 80 miles from Chicago.

EPI is an award winning developer and manufacturer of high quality chemicals for the metal plating and metal finishing industries.  We sell our products in the United States and overseas.  EPI offers a wide variety of chemical cleaning, metal blackening (black oxide), antiquing, electroplating and rust prevention solutions. Among its many innovations, EPI is well-known for developing custom metal cleaners, trivalent chromates, and alkaline non-cyanide and acid copper plating process.

We'll be blogging about our industry, changes in products, upcoming & current events including conferences and various webcasts.  We're also posting to Youtube so you can learn more about our black oxide processes.  We've recently posted a short video segment on the room temperature (also referred to as "cold black oxide") black oxide process (<1 minute).