Global Shipping Crisis and Your Holiday Shopping

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Business owners and consumers alike are feeling the effects of the global shipping crisis. With the holidays quickly approaching, the supply chain disruptions due to coronavirus are only expected to worsen as ports are shutting down with the vast amounts of container vessels trying to unload, and the cost of shipping skyrocketing. 


According to an article from CNN Business posted August 23rd, Shipping companies expect the Global crunch to continue through the beginning of 2022 with the backlog of ports having a ripple effect on jammed warehouses and stretched road and rail capacity. 


"Retailers are struggling to replenish inventory as fast as they're selling, let alone prepare for holiday demand," said Bob Biesterfeld, the CEO of C.H. Robinson, one of the world's largest logistics firms.

"The pressures on global supply chains have not eased, and we do not expect them to any time soon."


Container ships sit in the Pacific Ocean outside the Port of Long Beach, California on August 11, 2021. Photo Credit - CNN Business


If you've got big plans for gift giving this year, we suggest you get your holiday shopping done early and be prepared for the rise in prices and long shipping wait! EPi and our suppliers have definitely felt the effects of the ongoing supply chain issues, and as always, we would like to give thanks to our customers for their continued patience and support as we work together navigating these unpredictable times.