Getting Ready for Sur/Fin Louisville, KY June 15th-17th

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Just a few weeks away from Sur/Fin as we get ready to load up for the show.

Even though the economy is a recession we are expecting a decent show of serious metal finishers that are looking for networking, technical sessions, and keynote speaker on the economy and when it is going to come back. EPi has been getting interest in alkaline non cyanide copper E-Brite Ultra Cu and alkaline non cyanide silver processes E-Brite 50/50.

The main interest in the non cyanide processes is the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), DHS includes cyanide on its list of chemicals to report. Switching to E-Brite Ultra Cu and E-Brite 50/50 eliminates the reporting the cyanide on the DHS reporting system.

We are taking appointments for Sur/Fin please call us at 262-786-9330 or e-mail us at . See you in Louisville!