Getting ready for Sur/Fin 2019! Copper Plating Processes

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EPi at Sur/Fin 2019!

EPi will be at Booth #109 this year, ready to discuss all your metal finishing needs! Providing superior solutions since 1954, we cover all your blackening, antiquing, oxidizing, cleaning, and finishing needs! Read on to learn more about just one of our many quality metal finishing products!


Non-Cyanide Copper Plating

E-Brite 5.0 Cu

Our E-Brite 5.0 Cu process provides superior coverage over cyanide copper and better adhesion versus competing non-cyanide copper. It is a sustaining, easy-to-control process with reliable adhesion that works great on zinc diecast parts. Get stronger adhesion and less rejected parts with our fifth-generation non-cyanide alkaline copper plating process! 

E-Brite Ultra Cu

E-Brite Ultra Cu and Ultra Cu-E can be used standalone or in conjunction with E-Brite 5.0 Cu. It plates perfectly on zinc die-cast parts for both rack and barrel installations, has superior adhesion, and meets the requirements of MIL-C-14550 B and AMS 2418H. 

E-Brite 30/30

For superior heat treat stop off, try our E-Brite 30/30 and additive 30/32! This process produces a fine grained, smooth, dense, and ductile copper deposit which is non-porous with excellent bonding properties on steel, copper, brass, and more! It generates absolutely no carbonates with only two liquid maintenance additives required versus as many as five with other processes.


With a wide operating window, superior performance, optimal adhesion, and substantial money savings, EPi's non-cyanide copper plating processes are sure to give your parts the perfect finish!


Visit EPi at Sur/Fin Booth #109 to learn more!