Finishing Utility Highlights: Lookup Tables!

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"What is the specific gravity of copper?"


"What is the normality of concentrated reagent in Nitric Acid?"


"What is the current carrying capacity of a round copper rod?"


All your questions answered, and more!!



For all your metal finishing reference needs, just open EPi's new app, Finishing Utility! Lookup Tables provides helpful information on many various avenues you may need to reference during your project.


Here's a sneak peak of some of the Finishing Utility Lookup Tables features!!



  • Approximate Current Carrying Capacity

View amps, size, and pounds per foot of flat copper bus bars and round copper rods!


  • Electrochemical Equivalents

View each of the elements of the periodic table and see their specific gravity, thickness, grams deposited per amp hr, and more!



  • Acid-Base Indicators

View pH, acid/alkaline color, and quantity of indicator for many various substances!



No matter what questions you may have regarding metal finishing or chemistry, Finishing Utility has the answers!


Download the app now on Android or iPhone!

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