Excellent Nickel Plating & Chroming Plating Coverage Utilizing E-Brite 757 Process

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EPi's E-Brite 757 nickel plating process is know for its excellent coverage in rack and barrel applications.

What we have found with this nickel plating process is that it plates more nickel in the low current density area, approximately 20-33% more nickel than other nickel processes. On long tube parts we have found that you will achieve the minimum thickness faster, which means for the nickel plater less nickel usage per part saving the plater money.

In barrel applications you will achieve excellent ductility and brightness with the E-Brite 757. Master Lock uses the E-Brite 757 on its shackles that you see on their combination and laminated locks.

Another fact is this process gives excellent chrome coverage. I remember one customer who is used the E-Brite 757 process on a bed spring display that was two feet by three feet by six inches deep.The chrome covered the entire bedspring area including the deep recesses. The other processes left nickel showing.